No one was ever on their deathbed looking back over their lives thinking, “I wish I’d spent more time doing housework.” No one likes cleaning house. But a tidy home has tangible benefits for your health and happiness. Studies show that people feel depressed, anxious, and tired in a cluttered environment. People with clean, well-organized homes tend to be more physically fit and have lower body mass index, as well as lowered rates of asthma and allergy symptoms. Here are some tips to help you make your home a tidier, more relaxing place to be.


Simplify Your Life And Home


Clutter breeds more clutter. Don’t leave it lying around or it will overwhelm you.  Once a day, move through your home, from front door to back door, collecting items that need to be put away. I like to use an empty laundry basket balanced on my hip. I just pile in the things that don’t go where I found them, and as I move farther into the house, I drop them off where they ought to be. Kids’ toys, random socks, and junk mail all get rerouted to where they belong. Once every season, we have a big closet cleanout, where things we don’t use or wear anymore get shuttled off to the car for drop-off at thrift shops and recycling centers. You’ll feel calmer and more centered if you aren’t drowning in clutter, and you can find what you need more easily and quickly if it’s not hiding in a junk drawer or at the back of a closet. In this case, less is more. What you don’t need only clutters up your life. You can improve the serenity of your home by following some of the principles of feng shui. This focuses on getting the home divided into use areas, with practical traffic patterns and natural light, for a more harmonious living environment. If you need some expert advice, one option is to hire a professional organizer. But this doesn’t come cheap; hiring these services costs $30 – $80 an hour depending on your location.


Clean Efficiently


You really don’t need a host of toxic chemicals and cleansers to clean your home. Look for a good all-purpose, eco-friendly natural cleaning product, or make your own. Then, work from top to bottom and left to right throughout the entire home. Step one is dusting. Start at the ceilings, work downwards, and don’t forget things like picture frames and chair rails. Next, you will want to clean glass, mirrors, and counter surfaces. Then, clean your bathroom. Spray everything down with disinfectant, let it dry a bit, and then buff the surfaces with a cloth. Work from sink to tub to toilet.  In the kitchen, load the dishwasher and fill the sink with warm soapy water to wash down the appliances. Lastly, sweep, mop, and vacuum. If you do a once-weekly cleaning, you’ll avoid gunk buildup and stay on top of the job. If this sounds like too big of a job to keep up with and you have a busy schedule, you can always consider hiring professionals to clean your home. The average cost of hiring maid services in Indianapolis ranges from $113 to $228.


The Power Of Scent


Let’s face it: most homes have their own smell, and it’s not always refreshing. For those smells that hang around and just won’t leave, scented candles and natural, eco-friendly air fresheners are a lifesaver. Baking soda or vinegar can help to neutralize odors, and a few drops of essential oil on a lightbulb can add a touch of aromatherapy to your home. Pine, citrus, mint, and floral scents in particular can make you feel happier just by smelling them. Consider adding a few houseplants to brighten your rooms and help improve indoor air quality.


Follow these tips to get your house in shape. If you clean weekly, you’ll be able to do the job more quickly and it will take less effort. If you remove excess and unneeded items, your home will feel more spacious and it will be easier to organize your belongings. A clean, clutter-free home is a more relaxed atmosphere in which to live. Your entire family will enjoy its benefits.